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Our service department has been servicing clients for over 20 years. Leda is a service provider to clients such as The Department of Defence, Attorney Generals Department, Transfield, Westfield, Spotless and hundreds more.

Leda Services national department

Leda Services

Servicing of automated equipment is required at the time of a breakdown of course. Leda highly recommend that you also consider preventative maintenance which lessens the likelihood of unscheduled breakdowns but also ensures automated equipment is safe to operate. Unless you schedule your own safety checks, using our service department to check your equipment’s safety is an important part of your sites WHS plan.

Leda maintain an after hours call centre where you can access after hours technicians should you need to in an emergency. Additional rates apply during these times.

Frequently asked service questions

Q. Do you service other people’s equipment?

Yes we do. Automated equipment from gates to loading docks are routinely serviced by our technicians. We can typically get parts from other suppliers so it is generally not an issue for Leda to service pre-existing equipment. In some instances where suppliers have essentially held customers to ransom we may replace a motor or PLC as required to disentangle a client from a previous supplier.

Q. Do you service regional area’s?

Yes we do. We service gates in places like Broome WA, Ceduna SA, Broken Hill NSW and Roma Qld for example. We also service equipment across Victoria and Tasmania also.

Q. Why should I consider a preventative maintenance agreement?

If you sign up for preventative maintenance you get priority service which is important for secure or busy sites. Additionally, with today’s rigid WHS requirements, you are assured the equipment is regularly checked for safe operation.

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